Savvy Women are super!

Savvy Women Exchanging Relevant Views (SWERVE) is superb.

Thank you all for an engaged, experienced, and lively audience. More signed books are available at the Waterfront Community Center, University Bookstore, and Eagle Harbor Books.

Remember, I’m honored to speak to your book group and happy to provide at least one free book. Plus there are 2 at the Bainbridge library. I’m also happy to donate one to any public library that wants my book “To Move or To Stay Put.”

The next SWERVE speaker is the beloved Shakespearean Tom Challinor. If you’ve never heard him, you’d be doing yourself a great service to come on Tuesday July 14 at 10:30.

Here’s a recap of what was covered in my talk June 9:

7 ways to minimize the possibility of spending the last year of your life in a nursing home:

  1. Exercise (exercise, exercise)
  2. Connection with family, friends, and community
  3. Sense of contribution, participation, engagement, or meaning
  4. End of life documentation clearly written, often updated, and distributed to medical providers, family and friends
  5. Universal Design (see previous blogs)IMG_5184
  6. Money—as much as you can muster
  7. A Village, click on contact and get added to the email distribution list. There will be meetings in the fall. to better understand the Village Concept. National Conference will be here is Seattle Oct. 5 through 7.

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