Intentional Aging: At IngramSpark publishers and on Amazon

Aging well is achievable–if you know how. And I can teach you how in the 7 concise chapters in this book. You will learn how to avoid dementia; how to maximize your finances; how to document your end-of-life choices; how to modify a home for you to age in place; and how to age wellContinue reading “Intentional Aging: At IngramSpark publishers and on Amazon”

Remember what you already know

in the worst of times and the best of times Jeannette Franks, Aug. 25, 2021 The 2020-21 pandemic indelibly engraved on our collective psyches the importance of family, friends, and community support. It is intuitive that love, friendship, conversation, even conflict, are essential. In our later years a robust social safety net can not onlyContinue reading “Remember what you already know”

A New Model of Nursing Homes Badly Needed

The entire issue of the December 2020 AARP bulletin is dedicated to multiple articles and perspectives on the horrific loss of life to COVID in the U.S. nursing home industry. And believe me, it IS an industry. Seventy percent of all skilled care facilities (the licensing nomenclature of ‘nursing homes’) are for-profits. While manyContinue reading “A New Model of Nursing Homes Badly Needed”

Green is the new silver–and gold

The two foci of my life are: mitigating global warming and improving long-term care. These are related, because both are essential quality of life issues. COVID itself is related to global warming because as habitat for bats and other wildlife decreases, human/wild creature interactions increase, to the detriment of both. Restoring native plant habitats allContinue reading “Green is the new silver–and gold”

A book of compassion

Review of The Elderwise Way, Sandy Sabersky, available on Amazon People with Alzheimer’s can live a life of anxiety, sadness, and pain. Or people with dementia can live a life of joy and beauty. You will increase people’s chances of the latter if you read this book. Compassion is at the core of all theContinue reading “A book of compassion”

Why We Need a War on Weeds

I wear two hats. One hat is that of a PhD gerontologist specializing in long-term care, alternatives to nursing homes, and aging well. The other hat is as an award-winning expert on native plants and habitat restoration. They are related in an intricate web on our suffering planet. Nursing homes in the US and EuropeContinue reading “Why We Need a War on Weeds”

Deaths rise in nursing homes precipitously

As I write this in spring of 2020, we are seeing deaths and diagnoses of coronavirus climb. This may be the worst health disaster since the plague in the middle ages. It is yet another reason to stay out of a nursing home. A Seattle area skilled care facility was the epicenter for Washington state,Continue reading “Deaths rise in nursing homes precipitously”