A book of compassion


Review of The Elderwise Way, Sandy Sabersky, available on Amazon

People with Alzheimer’s can live a life of anxiety, sadness, and pain. Or people with dementia can live a life of joy and beauty. You will increase people’s chances of the latter if you read this book.

Compassion is at the core of all the world’s major belief systems: Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Compassion is also the heart and core of her brilliant new book, The Elderwise Way, and the Elderwise programs.

The author describes the Elderwise day: where one is warmly welcomed with delight; seated comfortably with a warm beverage in a mug and toast at a table with fresh flowers or natural items such as shells or lovely stones. Then you are invited by a facilitator to talk or be quiet. Toward the end of the social hour the participants transition to paint or work with clay or poetry; then there are moments of meditation and guided movement with music; then a delicious freshly-cooked healthy lunch.

Heck! I wish all of our mornings started and ended this way! While the author mentions that all people should be treated as of equal value, much like Mr. Neighbors, “you are perfect just as you are,” we should all be reminded that this holds true for all people of all ages, not just ‘elders’.

You need not be a location-based entity to honor people the Elderwise way. Nor do you even need to be an elder or caregiver. Read this book and learn the how and why of better treatment of people of all ages and cognitive states. Buy this book or request it from your local library. As a writer myself, I know the agonizing suffering of birthing a book. It should not go unread!

Jeannette Franks, PhD

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