Intentional Aging: At IngramSpark publishers and on Amazon

Aging well is achievable–if you know how. And I can teach you how in the 7 concise chapters in this book. You will learn how to avoid dementia; how to maximize your finances; how to document your end-of-life choices; how to modify a home for you to age in place; and how to age well with purpose and joy.

from the book: “There are many excellent books on home modifications for aging in place. There are books and more books on end-of-life issues. There are books and books and books on exercise! So why read this particular book? Read this book because it brings together these most important issues in a concise, useful way. Why get four or five books on these seven topics when you can use just this one? I have worked to bring the most relevant current information to you in a succinct, readable way.”

Published by jeannettefranks

Jeannette Franks, PhD, is a passionate gerontologist and for over 20 years has taught ethics, grief and loss, and courses on geriatrics and gerontology for the University of Washington. Franks' most recent book is, To Move or To Stay Put: A Guide for Your Last Decades. Look for it now on the University Bookstore website It is also available at Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge. Franks previously published a definitive guide to independent and assisted living titled Washington Retirement Options, and often speaks on retirement options, disability issues, end-of-life issues and is an advocate for accessibility. She has a goal of making Bainbridge an elder-friendly community and is available to groups and families to discuss these issues. She served for nine years on the Kitsap County Advisory Council on Aging and Long-term Care. She also has the privilege of working in a small way for the past 15 years with the Suquamish tribal elders.

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