My latest book, To Move or To Stay Put is up on Amazon as an ebook

Dear Friends, family, and colleagues,

I just set up To Move or To Stay Put on Amazon as an ebook. I’m still tweaking the format, so please let me know if you spot a typo! Thank you.

2 thoughts on “My latest book, To Move or To Stay Put is up on Amazon as an ebook

  1. Dr. Franks,
    You are an inspiration. My family is organizing our first family elder-care planning meeting. I am having difficulty finding an experienced eldercare family facilitator. The meeting will be Aug 8th and 9th. Who would you recommend for this task? I have come to a blind end. Senior service organizations advertise they have a mediator but the staff appear to lack the skills and education as a mediator. Below is a draft of our vision statement.

    We provide respectful support to Mom and Dad so they can embrace the latter stages of their life in their own unique way. We dynamically coordinate our service and resources so there delivery seems seamless and natural to Mom and Dad. Collectively and individually we recognize our limitations and manage our activities to offer service without sacrifice.

    I appreciate the value of your time and would be grateful for contacts that meet your high standards.
    Best wishes,
    Karen Spears


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