Join me in Bremerton Aug. 14 for a talk, or Seattle Sept. 27, or Bainbridge Oct. 19. Different talks but similar themes.

Jeannette Franks, PhD  Yay! The book, To Move or To Stay Put, is up on Amazon as an ebook.

Next talks: “Enlighten” in Bremerton at the Elks Club, Aug. 14, 6 pm. Featuring the most popular talk, “7 Actions You Can Take to Stay out of a Nursing Home.” After 3 days at a national conference in Chicago on nursing homes, it reconfirms that while there are many good ones, the probability is that most people won’t be in one of the best–yet. We’re working on that!

Sat., Sept. 27, Seattle University Christian Church, 9 am. Same themes, but I want to emphasize the importance of engagement, meaning, and purpose as part of living well in old age.

Monday, Oct. 19, Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church on Bainbridge, noon. Emphasis on end-of-life planning, yet another key action to keep you out of a nursing home

Call  206-755-8461 for more information

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