I wear 2 hats

IMG_1477Most of you know that I am your friendly neighborhood gerontologist, specializing in aging in place, independent living, and accessibility.

I also have coordinated Weed Warriors for more than 16 years. We do environmental restoration by pulling invasive weeds and planting natives. To help save trees and forests is to help save the planet.

Weed Warriors are a volunteer coalition of amateur and professional gardeners and environmental activists serving various organizations including but not limited to (in no particular order) IslandWood, Sustainable Bainbridge, BI Land Trust, City of Bainbridge Island, BI Parks Foundation, BI Parks & Rec, BI Watershed Council, Association of Bainbridge Communities, schools, service groups, and Kitsap Weed Board. Weed Warriors’ goal is to participate in at least one action and/or educational event a month focused on removal of noxious weeds and restoration of native plants. Weed Warriors is a 501c3 through Sustainable Bainbridge.

OUR NEXT EVENT is Sat. Dec. 16, from 1 to 3 at Way Point Woods on Bainbridge Island. This is an easy walk from the ferry or from T&C. Just take the very first left turn off the ferry and turn left, if by ferry. Or from Winslow, take the left from the Waterfront Trail just past the bridge.

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