Next Weed Warrior Event is at a designated dementia care community, May 17, 1 to 3.

Can We Wear 2 Hats?

Most of us wear 2 or more hats. Join Weed Warrior/Gerontologist Jeannette as we battle ivy at Madrona House, 8800 Madison Ave NE (or as most of us say, right by the Baptist Church), Thursday, May 17 from 1 to 3.

Revered dementia specialist Teepa Snow recently led staff training at Madrona House. A respectful, interactive approach helps residents function more fully and with greater joy.

A more harmonious environment of native plants helps us all enjoy the outdoors more fully. Contact: jfranks1@comcast.net206-755-8461.

Other upcoming invasive plant removal events:

BI Land Trust 1stWednesday, 10 to noon: contact Sinclair at

BI Parks & Rec: Waypoint Park just north of the ferry ticket Kiosk, 2:00-4:00pm, 3rd Tuesday of each month. The garden at Waypoint Park is one of the first sites for visitors to Bainbridge Island. Help us maintain its beauty as a symbol for the rest of our island. Contact:



Our Oyster event was a marvelous party—you should have been there! Betsy Peabody of the Puget Sound Restoration Fund went on to the Hama Hama Oyster Rama. That same week she appeared on 60 Minutes in the Seattle Times magazine. Thank you Betsy for your generosity, hard work, and fame for an important cause! Let’s do it again next spring😀

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