Work your brain to make it last

My father’s Alzheimer’s Facing my father’s possible legacy of dementia Jeannette Franks, PhD When there is dementia in the family, it strikes fear into the adult children as they age. Every time a key is misplaced or the fridge is opened with the question, “what was I looking for?” it’s terrifying to think, “Has itContinue reading “Work your brain to make it last”

Guarding Grandma’s Gold

  When I first started working professionally with older people (in the early 80s) I had few, if any preconceptions. Older people are just like anyone else; they’d just lived longer. For the most part this is true. But, horrifyingly, there is a significantly higher percentage of older people who are victims of scams andContinue reading “Guarding Grandma’s Gold”

Lying about birthdays is for sissies

August 2016 Birthdays usually remind us to take our aging seriously. I just reached 68. While it is now often said that 70 is the new 50, 50 is the new 30, silver is the new blond, etc., the dominant US culture often marginalizes people as we age, particularly women. Ashton Applewhite, in her newContinue reading “Lying about birthdays is for sissies”

My latest book is available at Silverdale Barnes and Noble

While I prefer to support independent booksellers, I also endorse every type of brick and mortar bookstore. It’s important to me to buy a real book in a real store. Even though I do have stock in Amazon. It’s generous of a big chain to carry a small local book, so please do stop inContinue reading “My latest book is available at Silverdale Barnes and Noble”

Not-so-shocking news

NY Times today covered a new retirement community specifically for those of Indian-American origin (as in from India). Culturally-specific and age-segregated communities have been around for decades, although this appears to be the first for Indian-Americans. These communities can be a nice fit for those who prefer them and can afford the price. On LocContinue reading “Not-so-shocking news”

Upcoming Talks

Bainbridge Island Library, March 26, 3 pm, “7 Actions to Take to Stay out of a Nursing Home” “End-of-life Issues”, BI Senior and Community Center, Sat. April 16, call 842-1616 for more information Bremerton at “The Pearl” April 2 10 am, “7 Actions to Take to Stay out of a Nursing Home” my email is