Prilosec Killed My Husband

Prilosec killed my husband  (not taking it can also be perilous) Jeannette Franks, PHD January 2019 Recent studies suggest that if my beloved husband had not taken Prilosec, a PPI, he would be alive today. PPIs are a class of drugs called proton-pump inhibitors. These medicines block production of stomach acid. Long-time use of PPIsContinue reading “Prilosec Killed My Husband”

Mom always was a worrier

  Many psychologists write about the five stabile personality traits and one of them is neuroticism. Those who are anxious, depressed, self-conscious, impulsive, vulnerable and/or perhaps hostile may fall into this category. The bad news: this characteristic appears to remain stabile with age. If mom always was a worrier, she most likely still is. IsContinue reading “Mom always was a worrier”

Next Weed Warrior Event is at a designated dementia care community, May 17, 1 to 3.

Can We Wear 2 Hats? Most of us wear 2 or more hats. Join Weed Warrior/Gerontologist Jeannette as we battle ivy at Madrona House, 8800 Madison Ave NE (or as most of us say, right by the Baptist Church), Thursday, May 17 from 1 to 3. Revered dementia specialist Teepa Snow recently led staff trainingContinue reading “Next Weed Warrior Event is at a designated dementia care community, May 17, 1 to 3.”

Free Oyster Tasting April 20

April is Earth Month!! Listen to my (almost) thrilling podcast  LINK: Join Weed Warriors at a FREE Oyster Slurp on Friday, April 20, 5:30 at Seabold Hall. Although free, we must limit this event to 80, so please register at Brown Paper Tickets This event is hosted by Weed Warriors andSustainable Bainbridge in partnership withContinue reading “Free Oyster Tasting April 20”

Hospice is especially hard during the holidays

Hospice During the Holidays Many of the huge and multiple challenges facing friends and family when someone is in hospice become larger during the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas or Passover, or a host of other gatherings intended to be celebratory, being with family and friends is even more difficult when someone is dying during specialContinue reading “Hospice is especially hard during the holidays”