Upcoming 2015 and 2016 talks and an 8th component to increase quality of life (in addition to 7 actions to minimize the risk of living in a nursing home)

I fully enjoyed speaking  November 16, 2 pm, in Seattle at the “Brig” Community Center in Magnuson Park, 5751 33rd NE, 98105. This interactive discussion of maximizing your later decades was hosted by ”North East Seattle Together” (NEST), one of our 3 local villages http://nestseattle.org. NEST was well represented at the excellent National Village to Village Network Conference in Seattle Oct. 5, 6, and 7. NEST has the greatest participation of any of the 3 Seattle Villages. info@nestseattle.org

Thursday, November 19, 11:30 I’ll be at the White Horse Golf Club. The Pt. Ludlow Yacht Club Women’s Group has been kind enough to invite me to speak. If you are a member, I hope you’ll come!

Keep posted for the development of a village on Bainbridge. The Village concept is all about aging in place, which is surely what most of us want! Next meeting Nov. 21, at the Waterfront Park Community Center; call 206-842-1616 for details.

Kitsap Library Talks in 2016:

 Poulsbo, Tuesday March 15 at 2

Silverdale, Friday March 18 at 3

Port Orchard, Tuesday March 22 at 2

Bainbridge Island, March 26 at 3

These interactive and ever-changing talks focus on decisions in your later decades to minimize living in a nursing home.

My goal in my last decades of life is to examine issues crucial to quality of life—everyone’s and mine. Hubris, I know, but also increasingly urgent.

A life-enhancing factor often excluding from talks on aging is that we all need a clean and healthy planet to age well. No credible scientists deny global warming; I think of it as global boiling. Our oceans are dying, our forests are burning, and outdoor activities are increasingly downright dangerous. Skin cancer from sun exposure is on the increase, cancer from pollution is going up, respiratory illness all over the world is rampant.

We can only save ourselves, or at least leave a decent planted for grandchildren, by saving the earth. How do we do that? Please, I honestly entreat your suggestions.DSCF0108-2-2

Published by jeannettefranks

Jeannette Franks, PhD, is a passionate gerontologist and for over 20 years has taught ethics, grief and loss, and courses on geriatrics and gerontology for the University of Washington. Franks' most recent book is, To Move or To Stay Put: A Guide for Your Last Decades. Look for it now on the University Bookstore website http://www.bookstore.washington.edu/home/home.taf? It is also available at Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge. Franks previously published a definitive guide to independent and assisted living titled Washington Retirement Options, and often speaks on retirement options, disability issues, end-of-life issues and is an advocate for accessibility. She has a goal of making Bainbridge an elder-friendly community and is available to groups and families to discuss these issues. She served for nine years on the Kitsap County Advisory Council on Aging and Long-term Care. She also has the privilege of working in a small way for the past 15 years with the Suquamish tribal elders.

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