Is it weird to google yourself?

I was honored when a dear friend recently bought 3 copies of To Move or To Stay Put to give as holiday presents. Thank you! I was even more pleased when she asked me to sign them. Thank you a hundred times, Roxanne!

This slender book mails for only $2.72 and is a nice gift for those adult children telling mom or dad, “You ought to move.” As I often point out, a major predictor of people who perceive a high quality of life in old age is how they answer the question, “Who decided you were going to live here?” Of course those who answer, “I did” are the happiest.” If you want your offspring to understand this, give them the book!

This brings me to my question, “Is it weird to google yourself?” I wanted to see what pops up when I google my book. Naturally, for better or for worse, Amazon is at the top. They spend the big bucks and make the big bucks. And I was absolutely delighted to see favorable reviews. I hope you consider adding yours—but only if you write from your heart, please.

I wrote this book for one reason only—to get into print what I’ve learned in 30 years working with older people and does not pop up in other books. I’ve now broken even in terms of cost (my labor being free) and must decide whether to do a third edition. Please let me know what YOU think.

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